Motorcycle Voltage Regulator Test

Motorcycle Voltage Regulator TestRide for two days and guess what, dies while. Thus we use a voltage regulator to maintain a constant flow of voltage. With key on measure the Voltage on the red/black wire where the regulators black wire plugs in - should be 12+ Volts. The grease inside the switch goes hard after a few years and it holds the contacts apart. new battery couldn't keep a charge. For a complete function test, send your unit to us for testing on our dynamic machine. As we've seen in the section above, the primary job of a voltage regulator is to drop a larger voltage to a smaller one and keep it stable, since that regulated voltage is being used to power (sensitive) electronics. This is a condition that’s easy to test. Voltage regulators protect the electrical components and also help in increasing the efficiency and lifespan of bicycles, home appliances, and motorbikes. Start your motor and bring the RPM's up to approximately 3,000. 'N' for one of the 2 wires coming from the alternator, 'S' for the charge bulb, another 'N' for the second alternator wire, and +B for the battery. In this video Fabien explain how to test a regulator rectifier on your motorcycle. ccc; 1 Special features: Good quality; 2 Special features: Easy to install; 1 Model name: Voltage regulator rectifier; 2 Model name: 4 wires voltage regulator …. A healthy 12 volt motorcycle battery should maintain a range from 9. If the voltage drops to 0 volts, there is a problem. 5 at 4000rpm, but it doesn't budge. This is to make sure that voltage is, in fact, being supplied to the regulator. Huge selection of low-priced parts for all makes and models. You'll want to see a reading of 13. The first one is mostly used for small bicycles, while 3-pin ones can be found on some bikes. Call us at 1-800-258-2464 or drop us an email. How to test a motorcycle voltage regulator or rectifier with a multi-meter. Sensors; Connector; Radiator Fan; Wire Harness; Tool; High Performance. How to test 12v motorcycle battery & charging system. Testing Voltage Regulator and Rectifier. Connect a voltmeter across the battery ter­minals. Your ohmmeter should have a DC volt scale. After a good inspection, I think I found the problem. For a complete function test, . Motorcycle Voltage Regulator Uses MOSFETs For how common motorcycles are, the designs and parts used in them tend to vary much more wildly . One of the first symptoms you discover when your Harley voltage is going bad is that your bike's gauges show dim or flickering signs. To check that the voltage regulator is working properly, set a multimeter to the 20 volts DC range and connect the positive and negative leads to the positive and negative leads on your batter. If it is higher, the battery will be over charged and if it is lower, the battery will continue to drain as the bike runs. With the Multimeter set to 20v DC place the meter. Voltage fluctuation is a common problem in electronic tools. Aftermarket Rectifier Regulators. Yamaha Sr250 Sr 250 G Th | 1980 Motorcycle Part & Accessor1. It should read anything above . AC output test showed ~50V at idle across all the windings which seems rather high, factory manual list 16-22V/1000RPM but it was a cold motor and likely idling higher due to cold start. Material Type: Metal made motorcycle regulator rectifierItem; Fitment: As shown on the details page; Pitch: 2. Regulator Rectifier Test #1: Forward Bias of Positive Circuit Diodes. If the alternator is the heart of your vehicle’s charging system, the voltage regulator is the brain. Set it at 20 volts and connect the positive and negative leads to the right battery terminals. Bike would not crank or VERY slow crank. The SCR was barely warm in both conditions. Go to an autoparts store and buy a small hydrometer. Connect the Wires to the Alternator. When testing the voltage of a voltage regulator, we first check the voltage from the input pin to ground. If the battery voltage is to high check that the regulator has a good earth connection. Posted by bridgetly701 on Nov 14, 2011. Original Equipment voltage regulators with a sparkling triple-plated chrome finish. Read the load tester voltage meter. Next, put the multimeter's positive lead on all three terminals of the gray three-terminal connector individually. Establish reliable relationship between buyers and …. Regulator/Rectifier Fitting InstructionsWhen on test. 5volts or above for accurate testing results 3. As the engine's serpentine belt spins the alternator, it produces an electrical charge. 3) 4-pin Regulator (A): This type may be found on some motorcycles. This would mean the output voltage of the regulator-rectifier would be way over 14. tradeKorea is a online B2B trade website offers you matching services to connect buyers and suppliers. A new Kawasaki voltage regulator for my KLE500 was very expensive, so I had a substitute installed to replace the factory one. Possible voltage regulator problem. Power supply: 12V DC, maximum 0. The field winding resistance of the dynamo must be greater than 2. get the upgrade and throw the old one in a bin for a spare. Related Searches: Shipping to: Test …. To begin with, there's the simple issue of generating enough voltage to keep your lights bright. How do you test a motorcycle voltage regulator? To check the regulator, connect the meter leads to the bike’s battery as it’s running. 3) In vintage 6 Volt system machines following systems are used to control charging. The most common causes of voltage regulator trouble are open wires or short cir­cuits. How to Know if Your Regulator Rectifier Is Bad: Symptoms and. Start the motor and read the voltage at the battery as you rev the motor. Standing battery Voltage should be 12. We take the probes of the multimeter and place the positive probe (normally the red probe) on the input pin of the voltage regulator. In a nice, 70 F (21 C) day, you can expect a voltage regulator charging your car's battery at about 14. The mechanic said the regulator was overcharging. 1) Use multimeter of good brand ( FLUKE) which are calibrated also frequent calibration is not required. I have done searches and just got completely confused. **If you see results above 15 volts then you likely have a bad regulator. 5 volts if your rectifier-regulator is functioning correctly. Set your meter to the diode test setting. Generator Tests for Models: C39PV C42 C39Q C45PV-5 C40A C45PV-6 C40/1 C45PVS-6 C4OAL C47 C40L C48 C4OLQ Pages 3 - 4 Regulator Tests: Compensated Voltage Con- trol. The power is shunted to ground by switching a set of transistors on and off (these are our MOSFETs or SCRs). A voltage regulator fault may be a result of a dead or weak battery. How does a motorcycle voltage regulator work? Regulation is done by the regulator -part of the regulator -rectifier. 63 volts when bike is running, battery is new and test of - Harley Davidson 2002 FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide question. Readers ask: How To Tell If A Voltage Regulator Is Bad On A …. Anways, I currently have another 20+ prototypes built and ready for testing on a variety of vehicles. The configuration of diodes and the orientation of the bridge depend on your specific motorcycle, so you need to consult the wiring diagram of your motorcycle manual. It looks like an eyedropper and will have a small hose with it. Rectifier Regulator for Motorcycle / ATV / off-road / watercraft / snowmobile Choose Year 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987 1986 1985 1984 1983 1982 1981 1980 1979 1978 1977 1976 1975 1974 1973 1972 1971 1970. This is necessary to overcome the potential in the battery and force the electrons to "flow backwards" and charge the battery. It should not read higher than 14. April 22, 2013 Engine Videos, Video . Hook a voltmeter between WL terminal on the regulator and a good ground. Set your multimeter to 20 volts DC (Direct Current) and connect the positive (+) and negative (-) leads to the corresponding battery terminals. Voltage Regulator For Yamaha V Star 250 XV 250 Virago 1996 1997 1998 1999 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 …. Following diagrams is fairly simple, but making use of it inside the scope of how the device operates is a new different matter. at full load, all lights 'on' at idle = 14. The maximum charging voltage for a 6v battery is normally limited to less than 7. Gonna test the stator today and see if she's ok. Test the Voltage with the Bike Engine On. WANT MORE? Grab my FREE troubleshooting cheat sheet to help …. Electronic voltage alternator regulator. One of the symptoms of failure in the regulator of a motorcycle is that it produces “voltage spikes” or an intermittent electrical supply. Some form of limitation (regulation) of the charging voltage is also required. Another way you can tell the voltage regulator is bad is when the car lights keep dimming or flickering. Motorcycle D/C Unwired Voltage Regulator/Rectifier: Description: D/C; Unwired (Does Not Include Connectors or Fuse Black) Application: Motorcycle: Wiring Harness Included: Yes: Wiring Harness Description: 160 Watt A/C Regulator/Rectifier: Wiring Harness Length (in. The regulator is #4 on the diagram and the charge bulb is #17. Also, apply the fix as soon as they are detected. If it is the resistor that is the issue , I would like to locate a substitute and fix my regulator. A failure in the regulator of the motorcycle …. Step 1: Acquire a multimeter A voltmeter You can buy a multimeter from an automotive store or a hardware store. so with this setup, charging voltage …. nordson Official Store has All Kinds of Nordson Universal 22mm Motorcycle Mirror Aluminum Black Handle Bar Unstacking Rearview Side Mirrors Motor Accessories,Metal Voltage Motorcycle Regulator Rectifier For Kawasaki ZZR 400 1990-1992 90 91 92 ZZR 600 1990-1992 ZXR250 ZZR400 ZRX400,Motorcycle Seat Cushions Rider Lowering Kit Rubber Motorcycle …. Moreover, below are steps you should follow to achieve this. This should be an open circuit and the meter should not read anything. I did manage to make a motorbike voltage regulator using SCRs The voltage from the generator is rectified by SCR1. You need to test the AC voltage output of all 3 pairings of the Yellow leads disconnected from the regulator. Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 2, 2020. 0 Ω (20°C/68°F)" If you are using a meter to measure AC volts you are measuring by peaks and averaging, if you have a scope you see everything. Without this, the machine can get damaged due to the fluctuation of the voltage of power. People with this condition may hear voices or experience paranoid or delusional though. However, a bad battery can keep the Voltage …. Disconnect the voltage regulator and pull it off. THIS SAYS WHAT I THINK AS WELL, VR IS BAD. Turn the dial or press a button on your ohm or multimeter and set it to voltage. Now on to testing the main charging function, the voltage output from the Regulator. bike regulator test UNLISTED represents) may cause it to reach very high voltages which could easily destroy a series voltage regulator. Hand-buffed, then copper-, nickel- and chrome-plated, these brilliant chrome-plated regulators are the perfect highlight for any Harley-Davidson ® motorcycle. The system is 6V and I need the regulator to adjust field coil voltage …. MOTORCYCLE VOLTAGE REGULATOR Rectifier Current Conversion For GN250 1982 1983 - $25. It senses the voltage in the bike ‘selectrical system and when the voltage …. Place the voltmeter leads to the battery terminals. 3A General fit: most cars or cars When the white needle stops running, please take out the LED bulb from the rear, and use a thin wire to turn the white needle several times, and then check Application: 8-16V automatic power measurement, motor power measurement Product parameters: Measuring range: 8~16V Voltage…. If you're getting a correct voltage or nearly correct voltage when the bike is idling, that means there might be something issue in rest of the wiring and not the voltage. Question about Yamaha XV 535 Virago DX Motorcycles. Start the motorcycle and rev the motor to 5000rpm. Using a solid state 6 volt unit allows the use of sealed AGM batteries and electronic ignitions. Regulator Rectifier Test #1: Forward Bias of Positive Circuit Diodes Put the multimeter's negative lead on the positive terminal of the black two-terminal connector. The customer ("Purchaser") must purchase a new or used model year 2013 or newer Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle available and in stock a participating U. The circuit inside the unit regulates the AC voltage coming from the generator to 13. Saw the Mosfet regulators, but also found this on eBay. Then connect the negative lead to each of the stator inputs. One regulator test on the 750 fours is to hook your meter between the + and - terminals on the batt, then read voltages at different rpm's. Motorcycle Regulator, Rectifier Tester Circuit. What can go wrong with a motorcycle voltage regulator?. 4vdc (you can still do this check with a battery below this number, but 12. 6V regulator rectifier max voltage question 74 CB125S. If the reading is higher, this means the battery is overcharged and you may need to replace the regulator rectifier. Find all available RMSTATOR voltage regulator rectifiers here: https://rmstator. Standing battery Voltage should . If the battery is gel, the rate is 14. Current output should be 26-32 Amps. To bypass the regulator, pull the tank, pull the 3 conductor connector from the regulator, put a jumper wire between the 2 connectors that are side by side, set the tank back in place and plumb up the fuel hoses. The IC circuit in the regulator measures this DC voltage. Professional Production: Motorcycle power converter regulator …. Step 1: check the battery voltage. ) 12: Switch Included: No: Mounting Hardware Included: No: Universal or Specific. Best way to test the R/R (and the only way to test the regulator) is connect it to the bike, measure output voltage at 5k rpm should see . Yamaha Motorcycle; Motorcycles; All Recent; Can you test the voltage regulator on a yamaha banshee. 63 volts when bike is running, battery is new and test of - Harley Davidson 2002 FXDWG Dyna Wide . If you are interested in testing …. How to Know if Your Regulator Rectifier Is Bad. Get the best deals on Motorcycle Electrical & Ignition Parts when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. By the mid-Sixties, most British motorcycles were using Lucas charging systems with Lucas’ silicone diode rectifier for AC to DC voltage conversion and a Lucas zener diode for voltage regulation. Here I am only testing the regulator portion of a common Regulator/Rectifier. Put the multimeter's negative lead on the positive terminal of the black two-terminal connector. Replacing the zener with 6V, I got 6. the regulator can fail to keep the battery topped up. Disconnect B+ from circuit breaker and unplug stator/rotor. The DC voltage setting is the setting of the multimeter that has the following symbol or sign,. The Rectifier/Voltage regulator is often a separate item. Looking at the connector after pulling it off the regulator, you'll see three female sockets. I got a jump start and rode the bike home fine. If an ordinary battery is acid, its rate of charge lays within 13. The device takes the form of a bi-metallic spring that is located behind the tensioning spring of the regulator contact armature. If so the alternator is working properly so plug it back in and disconnect the connector going from the regulator to the battery and check DC voltage…. If not, then you likely have a motorcycle charging system problem. com offer the quality motorcycle voltage regulator on sale with worldwide free shipping. You should see your engine and the vehicle’s battery. MY RECOMMENDATION AND WHAT I USE (Affiliate Link). Two Stroke Leak Down Testing; R5 / DS7 crank Seal Modification; Badge Fitting Instructions; Battery Tech Information; Brake Caliper Piston Removal; Motorcycle Voltage Regulators and Rectifiers. 8V rms at idle and 9V rms at 6000RPM. 4) 4-pin Regulator (B): This is the most common type found on motorcycles …. I have a vintage motorcycle (1934 Levis 500cc model D) with a BTH mag generator which I have just fitted. 56 Mini LED Digital Voltmeter Detector DC 4. If someone has experience with these,I am all ears. As cut-out closes the reading should increase 0. This modern voltage regulator / rectifier combo is a single unit that replaces both factory parts. The Lucas regulator units overcome this problem by using a temperature compensation device which makes its output conform more closely to the voltage characteristics of the battery. If your voltage regulator blows this can create a lot of expensive repairs, as it can kill the electronic components on a modern bike. A motorcycle's charging system is different from that on cars. Here we are discussing how to know that a voltage regulator is fine. To solve this I've fitted a voltmeter. Disconnect the alternator wiring harness from the regulator/rectifier. goes up from the battery voltage of 12 volts, regardless of rpm's. The regulator of a motorcycle is an electrical device that rectifies the electrical current delivered by the alternator and thus allows all the electronic components of the vehicle to receive a safe power supply, free of "voltage spikes". net on July 11, 2022 by guest James Smith explains in Classic Motorcycle Electrics Manual that this need not be the case. Test voltage regulator - XV 535 Virago DX Yamaha Motorcycles. Notice the open-circuit voltage of the battery. Show items: 30; 60; 90; Sort by ElectroSport® Regulator/Rectifier. SET OF 4 NGK DPR7EA-9 Spark Plug 5129. 0 author : 1704891 Tag: Regulators. With VR removed from the motorcycle. If the battery voltage goes too high when you rev the motorcycle the regulator isn't limiting the voltage and again it needs replacement. How to Test a Voltage Regulator on a Harley Davidson. A MOSFET regulator is a type of voltage regulator used on powersport vehicle charging systems, including motorcycles…. The only true way to monitor the alternator output is to observe the resulting waveform on an oscilloscope. Orient the plug so the sockets are in the shape of a pyramidsingle socket on top and two sockets along the base. Tourmax Regulator Rectifier 31600-MV4-010 31600-KBG-008 8000B0563 SH693-12 Working voltage: DC 12v. A stator test can be done easily with a common multimeter and a few simple resistance tests. Then, measure the voltage from tab to tab, just like before. For a start try to understand what is the correct voltage…. First, check the positive diode. Unplug the line from the alternator at the regulator (3 wires), start the motor, and check the voltage there--should be LARGE volts and even LARGER (AC volts here BTW) when the motor revs. A Healthy motorcycle battery should read above 12. With your motorcycle off, read from Positive to Negative making sure the Red is +, Black is -- If battery is good you should get about 12. You can only test the diode function of your rec/reg. USA & International; Australia; Motorcycle Parts. DIY voltage regulator/rectifier. Grounding Voltage Regulator. Over time, the rectifiers began to . Pressing the starter button will show a drop to around 10 volts momentarily, and then rise to 13-14 volts as power comes from the generator. Generally, you need to find a zener diode so that the whole scheme gave the needed voltage. Rigid_EVO How to test a voltage regulator Sportster Motorcycle Electrical and And what's the alternator amps on a 1998 1200 custom, . a) ZENAR DIODES ( 1966 Triumph Daytona ) ALTONATOR. Resistance measurement with multimeter ( diode measurement ), Measured values between plus and . The motorcycle regulator, rectifier tester circuit presented here can be used to test a 6-wire shunt type regulator-rectifiers for a 3-phase charging system of motorcycles. After being left stranded at work with a dead battery I did the standard test of my voltage regulator. To test the voltage going into the voltage regulator, we take a multimeter and place it in the DC voltage setting. Clean and adjust cut-out contacts so. Gonna try some Gorilla tape and see if that fixes it. 9 Next, switch your multi meter leads putting the negative lead on the regulator . The regulator portion is a feedback loop that monitors the output voltage of the regulator and diverts excess power to ground. to any two of the 3 altr wires and run the bike. You now can test the voltage between the terminals of the stator coil at 3,000 rpm. Stator resistance is good, but the voltage regulator test bad on the recharge connector. Battery – Stores regulated DC current. 64/inch) External testing certification: iso9001. When you have a motorcycle with a defective voltage regulator, it can be very disappointing and stressful. You should be seeing a peak voltage of 14. Transducers and Detectors Specialized Industrial Products Test and Measurement Equipment All Product Catalogs. • Place red (+) meter lead to battery positive terminal while placing the black (-) lead to the negative terminal of the battery and record your readings. Designed and Written by: Abu-Hafss. Input Voltage: 12V-24V Measure Voltage: 5-48V Interface Type: Anode and cathode Twist-and-Lock system. Almost any voltage regulator found in a junkyard car that your Airhead's plug fits into, . The best way to test a voltage regulator is with a multimeter, and what you do is you put your multimeter clamps directly on the battery terminals. Here you may to know how to test voltage regulator on motorcycle. Buy the best and latest motorcycle voltage regulator on banggood. If the battery begins to hold and then steadily declines, there is a problem. Testing BMW Airhead Motorcycle Alternator Voltage Regulators. Check your owners/service manual for the system amp output for your bike. 8 volts, depending on ambient temperature. This doesn't mean that the voltage regulator is good though. FOR SALE! Honda CBR600 F5 CBR 600 RR3/RR4 2003-2004. BOSCH METAL CAN MECHANICAL VOLTAGE REGULATOR, CLEANING & ADJUSTING. Complete Tutorial About Motorcycle Battery Voltage An…. Unplug the Two-Wire Connections from the Alternator. com 1 ACCEL VOLTAGE REGULATOR #201104 FORM 6-937-72 01/10 (Bosch and Delco type) voltage regulators, used with two brush Harley Davidson 12 volt generators. A weak or dead battery is often the first. Although relatively simple components, after 40-50 years of vibration and exposure, the voltage regulator and rectifier are ripe for replacement. Without the help of a voltage regulator, the voltage output would gradually increase, and. Motorcycle Voltmeter : 8 Steps (with Pictures). Signs of a faulty voltage regulator include dimmed. • Set your meter to read DC voltage. In order to get a perfect diagnostic reading for your charging system, the battery must be charged at or above 12. When you test a rectifier you are testing the diodes in it. To check the regulator, connect the meter leads to the bike’s battery as it’s running. Motorcycle Stator, Alternator, And Battery Fundamentals. Testing adjustable vintage Honda voltage regulator. 5 to 1 volt above battery voltage, and increase to the regulator setting in Test 6. at high RPM the alternator will produce high voltages more than 50V hence, a regulator …. Replacing the regulator rectifier could cost you anywhere from. If the readings are not within the normal range, it is time to begin testing …. Note: to check stator locate the cable coming from the primary close to were the stator is and follow to voltage regulator. The regulated voltage can be measured on a multimeter. The book says that the battery voltage test should go up to around 14. Using the test light, touch each of the regulator …. This regulator is designed for my BMW R80GS, but it should fit all BMW "airheads" and almost all Moto Guzzi, as well as all car or motorcycle …. Sounds like a shorte diodes in the rectifier, or A short Voltage regulator, If you disconnecto the R&R connector and the draw is no longer there, you have your answer. Now, do the same test with the bike engine turned on. If it does, the stator is faulty. Set your multimeter to measure DC voltage and connect the positive and negative leads to the matching battery terminals. After all, the voltage regulator is supposed to keep the power flowing to the lights, so it’s no surprise that those lights don’t work right anymore once this part goes bad. Therefore, it is essential to test the voltage regulator on your motorcycle. Schizophrenia is a mental health condition that affects a person’s ability to function socially in a typical way. Free shipping on many items (11) 11 product ratings - Voltage Regulator Rectifier Suzuki GSXR 600 750 1000 Hayabusa GSX1300R Intruder. If I pull the recharge connector the current stops flowing. If you have electrical equipment that won't . Here is an easy way to test the Voltage regulator on a 2005-2009 if you suspect it is bad. How Do You Test A Voltage Regulator? When bad voltage regulator symptoms become apparent, some car owners may try to test their voltage regulators with a voltmeter or multimeter by themselves. Charging voltage can vary between 13. 4 Vdc it switches on the field (it switches a 12Vdc supply across the sliprings) Then there is a magnetic field, so the stator will produce power. On average, alternator voltage regulator replacement can cost you between $330 and $450. Victory Motorcycle Voltage Regulator. Start motorcycle, measure DC Volts across the battery terminals (you should have a reading of approximately 13. After testing the alternator, test the voltage regulator/rectifier. Testing non-rectified charging voltage. "836748-trying-understand-regulator-rectifier-stator-issues-options" With the bike running, this is the plug I am testing for voltage on . You could buy 3 new regulators and. When testing the charging circuit, ensure that the voltage, with all electrical loads applied, is between 13. Motorcycle Voltage Regulator Regulator Motorcycle Motorcycle Voltage Regulator Rectifier For KTM 60011034100 990 Supermoto SM Super Duke Adventure S LC8 ABS RC8 1190 R 690 LC4. Connect the load tester leads to the battery terminals. Our regulator rectifier combo kit is easy to install and fits the Honda CB175, CL175, SL175, CB200, CL200, CB350, CL350, SL350, CB360, CL360, CJ360, CB450, CL450, CB500T motorcycles. Tech: Voltage Regulator issue VT1100C. Shop Motorcycle Regulator Rectifiers at Motorcycle Products Ltd. I have strong doubts as to it being the regulator. Once your battery is charged, you’re now ready to start testing your motorcycle charging system!. Once you hit the throttle, the reading should not exceed 15 volts. How to Check a Voltage Regulator on a Motorcycle. Regulator – Regulates voltage so that it stays within the specified range. Shop Everything To Test Your Electrical Components!https://www. To test the rectifier, you will need to disconnect all of the wires and turn your multimeter to the diode function. The customer (“Purchaser”) must purchase a new or used model year 2013 or newer Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle available and in stock a participating U. Learn how to fully diagnose your Honda motorcycle's charging system 3. Starting with basic electrical theory, the book demonstrates a wealth of electrical tips and techniques, providing a progressive and detailed guide to. How To Fully Troubleshoot Your Motorcycles Charging system. I need to get a new voltage regulator as well. Since the incandescent bulbs work well on AC voltage, there is no rectifier section in this type of regulator. Dynamo Regulators Ltd - Electronic Voltage Regulators for classic motorcycle dynamos. Without the help of a voltage regulator, the voltage …. Its telling you if the battery is bleeding through the regulator. I've gotten acceptable results with Stator Ground check (Open . Sort By: Replacement Rectifier for Yamaha RD250, RD350, DS7, R5 (R255A) $59. The meter should not read anything on any of these. Joined: Aug 21, 2011 Messages: 4 Likes Received: 0 victory motorcycle voltage regulator, victory vegas 8 ball voltage regulator, victory vegas voltage rectifier, victory voltage regulator. 5 volts under the load, for a good 30 seconds straight. Start the engine and idle it at 3000 RPM. Regulator/Rectifier Fitting InstructionsWhen on test, 12 Volt b View Details. Using a multimeter, clip the test light on to the negative terminal of your battery. By your test results I can say that the rectifier is good and yes it's 100%. How to Test Bad Voltage Regulator Systems. When your bike is idling, the reading on the multimeter should be between 12 and 13 volts. A 12volt system will put out 13. Monday - Friday, 8 am - 7 pm CST. How to Test a Motorcycle Regulator. Anyone interested in testing new voltage regulator?. Voltage regulator/rectifier testing. No voltage or very low voltage is recorded when cut-out ~oints close. Improving your headlights; Installing LED lighting; Installing brake lights; wires. If the battery was good under load test, if the stator is NOT shorted to ground, and the stator is putting out A/C voltage, then the regulator …. Step 2 Start the motorcycle and rev the motor to 5000rpm. Mine dropped from anywhere from 10 - 16 Ohms down to a consistent 0. If it fails either of these tests then the stator is probably bad. Regulation is done by the regulator -part of the regulator -rectifier. • You can do this test by first setting your multi-meter to read AC voltage. All was fine until 50 days and it went out again. Voltage regulator left me stranded. Check both voltages (running and not running) at battery terminals. If the reading is higher, this means the battery is overcharged and you may need to replace the regulator …. Home: Products: DVR2: Prices: Q & A: Drive kit: Information: News: Contact: DVR2™ Regulator suits most motorcycles. This is particularly important on vintage bikes, which generally have low-capacity charging systems. Let's do Part 2: Press the plug connector at the little tab that releases the plug from the voltage regulator, and thus you can UNplug the regulator. Ideal as test part when trouble shooting.