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It X Reader Tumblr— Masterlist: The Walten Files x Reader. it was the moon animatronic that made him understand. This is a natural dinner-time occurrence since you are the most popular girl in school. Content: fluff! Just a short little Drabble ! Also my requests are open! *beep beep* The timer on your phone rings out through the dorm room kitchen with merciless beeps. Her girlfriend Korra looks over at her with a raised brow, "seriously?". Discover more posts about tengen-uzui-x-reader. What Odin wanted to do to Loki was unfair, because Thor did something far worse, so Odin gave in and listened to Thor. I don’t know what made me do it. It was just a simple sweet kiss, like the new relationship you had been experiencing. warnings: mentions of blood and injuries ( all vague ) goes to your …. Zoldyck family x daughter reader tumblr. Your boss yelled at you for something you didn't do. New Member [Young Justice x Reader] Welcome Batman B49 (I don't really know the numbers go with me here. As the sister to Derry's very own trashmouth, you were guaranteed a spot in the infamous losers club. JJ doesn't immediately solve everything with a kiss. You were so excited to spend the weekend out of state, you were going to visit your sister in New Orleans. genshin impact x reader genshin imagines genshin impact genshin x reader sk8 langa sk8 reki sk8 the infinity. The two of you stared at each other in silence as tears streamed down your face. It was bound to happen with all the dangerous missions that Kaz sends her on. #x reader #fnf x reader #auditor!reader #fnf #friday night funkin #madness combat #headcanons #bnha x reader #masterlist #fnf corruption mod #fnf. what about bakugou has a friend and he's so close to her and she has a crush on him but he doesn't know and his girlfriend y/n knows about it and gives him a lot of hints so that he stop talking to her but he doesn't get it and one day y/n and bakugou's friend had. you sat at in living room, contemplating what your significant other is doing. Jealousy (Billy Hargrove x Reader). you're combing your hands through his hair, peppering his face with kisses. "It's not that simple," Bucky groaned. Dazai Osamu was an enigma to many, but not to you. i have a request, okok hear me out so Lena and reader are dating and r gets kidnapped. “Well if isn’t my little human. Sexuality: Straight (sometimes I feel bi) Age: 14. It starts when you smile at him and Azriel swears that he can't breathe. So it will contain some strong language, self doubt, and insecurities. Kageyama has never been the best of friends with your new pet Snickers. This is my first x reader smut story and I enjoyed making it. Search: Youtubers X Reader Lemon. You look up at his soft smile and how his eyes were fixed to your form, "You coming to Karasuno for me. Sickly Reader x Yandere Genshin Impact. Anxiety is real, it is a struggle, and I tried to portray it as best I could. warnings: kissing, fluffy, the word "fuck" a few times, mentions of sex (not a smut), mention of blood (nothing too much, it's only mentioned once!), hunter is physically hurt, healing coven!reader, reader lives in the owl house! — after a little misunderstanding, eda decides to traumatize give. #Bucky #Bucky Barnes #Bucky x reader #Bucky Barnes x reader #Bucky imagine #Bucky Barnes imagine #avengers imagine #avengers x reader #marvel #marvel imagine #. You tilt your head to the side, clearly entranced. With a broken heart you’re stripped but still, impossibly, alive, all spirit and will vanishing in the blink of an eye and forced to live as a shell. There were tears stinging your eyes as you looked at Mike, the boy who loved with all your head. A/N: Prompted (in bold) by @feelmyroarrrr a long time ago (thanx for ur patience). If you don't feed on mommy's milk, you will grow up to be short like daddy. •Low Lovin• — Dream x Male reader. “Stop that before I kiss you” you warn him “As if I care” You press your lips to his, hugging his torso back, pulling him into you. Colby couldn't stop the huge smile that spread over his face. You were kind of afraid to move. I dont know where the hell we're going", Bakugo tells him. #dream team x reader #dream smp x reader #dream smp x you #dream x reader #sapnap x reader #georgenotfound x reader #wilbur soot x reader #nihachu x reader #jschlatt x reader #quackity x reader #technoblade x reader #eret x reader #fundy x reader …. alas, your better judgement decided he won’t be coming home tonight. Requested: nopey Pairing(s): Richie Tozier x Reader, Ben Hanscom x Beverly Marsh (mentioned) Warnings: flufff A/N: happy vday!!!! hope you …. “ [Y/N], you need to stay with me, baby. Noting your closed eyes and shallow breathing, Sam tried to regain your attention, using his finger to tickle your bottom lip. The Viceroy claimed that it was more for his sanity than anything else, though you would later learn that it was more to. See a recent post on Tumblr from @primofate about Itto x Reader. Even though Niki and Wilbur made their best affords to make you feel welcomed and safe. Summary: Venom is very grumpy when you leave after a fight with Eddie, so he tries to help Eddie get you back. · Epilogue: Beauty and the Beast. includes: scaramouche, kazuha (separate). ) “Hey Y/N!” Fred shouted across the great hall. Characters: Fezco, Ash, reader, Elliot ,…. Feelings (Fred Weasley x reader). Based on my own experiences with anxiety. Request: {by anon} I was wondering if you could write a imagine during The Scorch Trials where you’re in the mall …. Discover more posts about it-chapter-2-x-reader. He missed a certain warmness that he was not able to find nowadays. And to add on to that, you live with 2 of them. synopsis: the tattoo artist next to your florist shop is so deeply in love with you. South park x reader tumblr. comErebus x Reader x Thanatos Soulmate AU for SOBER-GAMZ-69 AN: Whether your soulmate is a romantic soulmate, or a friendly soulmate depends on the side of your body that your soul marks are on. But I'd kinda like to see a story where gender neutral reader is dating soft boy Sykkuno and the usual group needs a 10th bc someone had to leave and Sykkuno mentions he. Pairing(s): Platonic!Losers Club x Reader, a little Mike Hanlon x Reader Warnings: sexual inneundos (richie will be richie), fluff A/N: just a cute lil blurb to start out my acc Originally posted by kingkaspbrak. Nightmares (Levi x Reader). it’s not pathetic // kageyama tobio x reader. Marli — Milk Makes You Tall. His cries were mixed with yours as you screamed for him. After getting ready for the day, you entered your kitchen and hit yourself in the face. You got to your feet shakily running out the door back to class wiping your eyes hoping you looked at least ok. Young! Michael Myers x Young! Reader. Discover more posts about bakugou x reader. Your friends, Yeji and Karina, left about 30 minutes ago. Lena is with Alex and Kara when she finds out and they help her save reader…. With this being said, I hope you enjoy this oneshot and hope to hear more request. cause I really like you… (harry potter x reader). But then they realized it was thier youngest daughter's birthday. Padmé however, doesnt and keeps flirting with Anakin, this is how you'd react high on jealousy: You, Anakin, Padmé and Obi-Wan had a come together. Gregory x Male! Child reader (Platonic)! (This fucker bites, I know it. Sebastian just stares at you, a lust filled fury haunting his gaze. Meanwhile, the young girl fights off her newfangled urge to throw up after discovering her fear of heights in Diane’s grip. Anakin Skywalker X Reader Being Jealous. this is a tumblr hug, pass it on to your ten favorite followers and mutuals ♡ C!Jschlatt x Pregnant reader with Copd. Along with that I do not own Hazbin Hotel nor do I own the fanart above. Imagines from my tumblr! Please do not steal! Warnings are included on each page. Possessive bucky x reader lemon Possessive bucky x reader a lot just like my boyfriend Yandere dragon x reader tumblr Obey me x Jealous possessive boyfriend fanfiction Possessive Boyfriend Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship (9) Jealousy (6) High Mikasa x male reader lemon wattpad Then there was me, Sep 05, 2021 · About Kuroo X Jealous Reader. monoma, midoriya, eMy Hero Academia Main 3 Boys x Reader Ch. i present to you, STEPBROTHER MICHAEL! i am. Originally posted by tokitaouma Prompt: First Kiss It wasn't a particularly bad day today but you couldn't help yourself from being nervous. Make gifs, find your community. It’s short but like, I hope you like it! Kaisa, to Y/N: My life is in the hands of an idiot! Y/N, motioning to themself and Johanna: No no no no no, …. Tw: yandere, obsession, unhealthy thinking. Marcel's smirk turns into a knowing grin and he internally laughs at Klaus's jealousy. It's more platonic love than anything with a bit of angst- Mod Squid. You know you deserve to be happy. Naturally, Jin’s first instinct is to hunt down the culprit behind the fire and kill the person in his boiling rage. Only this time her boyfriend, Billy Hargrove, is nowhere to be found. Summary: Hostage situation and they need your help, you are then seen as having a villainous quirk so you try to get air and guess who finds you…. Synopsis: Detailed story of Y/N having a really bad anxiety day. X Reader Imagines It's where your interests connect you with your people Megatron and Soundwave (TFP): Megatron tries his best to get all …. Snickers was an innocent golden retriever puppy, but your boyfriend just knew his father was Satan, and he was bred in the seventh depth of hell. You loud shout of 'I don't care who you are but get the fuck outta my way' broke any kind of quiet. there’s also a caramel heart drizzled at the top. " Swear it's true, " you both chorused. Pairing: Peter Parker x reader Soulmate AU. Reaching up she placed her hand on his cheek. Gif Credit belongs to @edsgazebos. oh, sewer apples — ☆TMNT Masterlist☆. it's not pathetic // kageyama tobio x reader. Reader Midoriya Izuku Lemon Tumblr X. "You have to find out what his amortentia smelled like!". The latest on fashion, beauty, celebrity style, entertainment, teen issues, videos and more from TeenVogue magazine on TeenVogue Klaus x Reader , Elijah x Reader , Kol x Reader Genom att hitta din röst The Notwist’s new opus, Epik High’s bangers, and Ohtis’ must-hear single: 5 new releases we love Request: Klaus taking care of A drunk reader …. Colby's fingers moved to wipe them away. His clothing was tattered and you could tell by his stiff movements and poorly concealed groans that more injuries lurked beneath his clothing. You're the one who knows where the coffee shop is not me. And when you were walking home, because you missed you bus. elizabeth, his younger sister. (Credit goes to owners for both original pictures and songs) Pairing: Dabi x Fem Hero in training Reader. What I do: I mainly draw but I also write, roleplay, read, and sometimes animate. Harry booped your noise, and you couldn't help but giggle. Gif Credit belongs to @kingkaspbrak “Okay, okay,” you hummed, looking into your camera. Originally posted by imgayandgirlsarepretty. The sight alone could make you burst into tears. Sofi Stark has been sheltered all her life. Pairing(s): Platonic!Losers Club x Reader, a little Mike Hanlon x Reader. 。*゚+ — Fate (Technoblade x reader). There's no window in your room, the walls are unnecessarily thick and the door's locked almost forever. so much so that his unsaid feelings causes flowers to erupt from his lips, faster than the eye can see. I try to finish requests within a month but this isn't guaranteed since I get unmotivated easily. note: REQUESTS ARE OPEN! I DON’T DO SMUT!!! IF YOU’RE NOT SURE OF A CELEB/FANDOM. ”You replied standing to your feet as you watched him slide his jacket on. Requested: yep! by anon “okay uhh i’m not sure if you’re currently taking requests but! if you are can i request richie x male! reader in like any context but preferably with some inkling of angst haha,,, thank u!!! have a wonderful day!!” Pairing: Richie Tozier x Male!Reader …. jschlatt x you jschlatt x y/n jschlatt x reader schlatt x reader schlatt x you schlatt x y/n mcyt x you mcyt x y/n mcyt x reader dsmp x you dsmp x y/n dsmp x reader fanfiction fanfic. What It Takes (Bucky x Reader) warnings: DUB-CON (PLEASE DNI IF THIS OFFENDS YOU), mafia!Bucky, breeding kink. But I just want to clarify some things. Of course your thoughts brought you to harming yourself sense nothing else seemed to bring you comfort besides being near someone, being held. And also years after, when Tony is Ironman, Rhodey is Iron Patrior, and you become some sort of batman-like hero/vigilante. "Don't you dare do this to me, Draco. Mike’s hand lifted your chin and up and his lips were on yours, hot and heavy, full of need, waiting for forgiveness. The rest of the night was spent having fun and hanging out with everyone, just as it was planned. (Y/N) lounged in the comfy daybed nestled in the corner of the bright, spacious room. Pairings: Stan Uris x Reader, Reddie (Richie Tozier x Eddie Kaspbrak) Warnings: its a little longer than most of my stuff but its worth the read i promise. You opened your frontdoor to your house. Pairing: Dark!Steve Rogers x Reader x Thor. "OI" a familiar male voice calls out to you as you closed your locker meekly. #tmnt 2k12 #tmnt 2012 #tmnt x reader #tmnt 2012 x reader …. Pairing: Kageyama Tobio x Oikawa! Reader. Gregory x Male! Child reader (Platonic)!. Tom finally says, "I am a threat. Warnings: Cheating, Angst — Your first mistake had been. Hermione gushed once you two were in your dorm, making you roll your eyes. Next time when requesting (this goes for everyone) pls give me a plot and what type of reader you want! <:D. ”He said pressing a kiss onto your lips. "It's not pathetic," He said, confusing you. Niki and Wilbur found you in a desert where you were armorless and had practically nothing. feeling the tug of slumber, you set off to bed. It's just around the corner here", said Kiri while rubbing the back of his neck. "Tobio, he hasn't done anything, just leave him be. Little did you know this scene was being watched by the losers club. Tsukishima clicks his tongue at your response. Discover more posts about doctor strange fanfiction, dr strange x reader, stephen strange x you, stephen strange x reader, doctor strange x you, stephen strange smut, and doctor strange x reader. Then she looked to the first guy. Multiple sets of hands fought over Levi, tear him limb from limb. Discover more posts about it-x-reader. Looking down at your resting face, however, he knows it’s worth every second. ~ You hung your keys on the hook beside your head, closing the door behind you with a sigh. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Reader D… I’m just trying to give you options so you can find that inspiration fam do what you want :) Key: (Y/N) - your name Avengers x reader period A chart of British politician fics from mirror More to lose - Thor x Reader (Avengers: Endgame) One-Shot More to lose - Thor x Reader (Avengers: Endgame) One-Shot. Relationship: Tony Stark x Reader, James Rhodes x Reader Request: None Summary: Just a fic about you, Tony and Rhodey at MIT and after (Reader is the same age as Tony, so some sort of genius as well Ig, I don't really know). On the day your timer is supposed to go off, Spider-Man shows up at your window. "Here," he hands one to Hinata. com Fem creepypasta x male reader lemon wattpad. warnings: none i can think of :). Hoodie (tommyinnit x reader) You wear Tommy’s hoodie and he gets nervous. Tag List: @prob8850 , @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester , @lucifer-in-leather. Idk how many of you played the Riot x Arcane graphic novel event thing but doing so many little tasks, especially the part with the shopkeeper, gave me the dumb idea of reader being Runterra’s equivalent of an Amazon delivery person. He closed his eyes and focused of your skin making contact with his warm one. Waking up, you quickly jumped out of bed and checked your surroundings. Jess cried, drawing out another arrow to take down the zombie getting too close for comfort as you yelled back to them. You were the best female in Hydra. Like usual, you're now stuck with the rest of them: Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Kai. But he doesn't care after a while, you WILL come with him. Summary: You meet Elliot at a party. It reminded him of something but he couldn't quite place his finger as to where it was from. #it x reader on Tumblr brokenneckbones Follow ~So fucking pretty~ (Beverly Marsh x Fem! reader) GIF by froggybreadloaf Yet another girl I’m head over heels for <3 A random Drabble cause I can ️ Fem! reader x Bev! fluff [Gif not mine] ———————————————————————————————— Keep reading. Chapters - Emmett Cullen x OFC (Jade Stanley) Jasper Hale: 1 Request: "Can I request an imagine with the Cullens where they go on a huge hike and eventually y/n gets too tired so someone has to carry her back and then just some fluff around the campfire please! (Preferably jasper or Emmett x reader) Thanks xx" Request: "Can I request an. Steve runs over and pulls Billy off of Lucas, turning him around. You, a grade 3 sorcerer wants to increase your. #jasper hale x reader #esme cullen #leah clearwater #twilight imagines #jacob black #twilight x reader #edward cullen x reader #bella cullen #alice cullen x reader #emmet cullen x reader #rosalie cullen x reader #carlisle cullen x reader #embry call x reader #seth clearwater x reader …. “you’re my best girl,” he said with a sigh, placing a kiss to the top of her head. F***ing Losers! (Pennywise x Reader). This blog is, yes, another Disney blog, but with a twist! It is dedicated to Disney stories that have a been genderbent! If you have any art or stories that you …. You were so caught up in trying the ease the blush on your face and calm your beating heart that night that you had completely forgotten about the jacket he leant you. Your sweet boy was covered in cuts and flecks of dried blood. Y/N sighted: "I asked Heimdall day after day if he saw you. Don't you dare do this to us," you cry out, more tears pooling in your eyes than before. After many months, the zine is finally ready! Featuring 50+ pages of content, and a stunning cover done by @hains-mae, this 'x reader' zine explores what a summer with the bat boys would look like, and has: - 7 unique art works from our very talented contributors (I mean just look at the sneak peek!) @dreamtatochz @napschnapps. it'd been an awful week, a really shitty one actually, and the number two hero wanted nothing more than to cook Bnha x innocent reader tumblr Bnha x innocent reader tumblr 2018 · Read [Lemon] Villain Deku x reader from the story Boku no hero academia one shots by Queenie_Wolf with 45,954 reads 2018 · Read [Lemon] Villain Deku x reader …. Nights were the embodiment of danger, when the sun begins to set and demons rise from the shadows — a cue to draw your blade and face the dangers of the night as your duty has sworn to. Love/Betty Cooper x Reader. Yandere x reader Oneshots - Yandere Female Wendigo x Shy Yandere!Multimuse x Fem!Reader - Tumblr. If you want a specific hair colour or ethnicity feel welcome to say! And then just say what celebrity you want and what sort of storyline type thing to follow such as “Chris Evans x reader where they announce they’re expecting a baby” or “Tom Holland x reader where they go on a road trip together and post cute pictures”. From "Reality Bites" to "Point Break" and "Clueless," we talk about some quintessentially '90s films. Currently giant guinea pigs were running around town eating people. a/n: i literally loved writing this omg. It Hurts : George Weasley x Reader - Request : Hi there! Can I ask for George oneshot? He and reader broke up because of him and he is having really rough time missing her and knowing how much he hurt. Warnings: angst to fluff, unrequited love, slow burn. " I'm just a little nervous when I'm with you. Hoodie (tommyinnit x reader). A brow being raised from the familiar feline, a slightly questioning glance that seemed to bore into the back of his boyfriend's head. All four of you hugged each other tightly, closely; savoring the moment with one another. Technoblade watched Quackity, listened to the voices taunting the man and decided to give him a chance. Hi everyone! I really love x readers, but I noticed most of them for Transformers involve Human!Reader, and I can’t be the only one who wants to be a cool alien robot, right? So, I’ve started this blog dedicated to Transformers x Cybertronian!Reader …. Loki's eyes shifted, but Y/N couldn't read his thoughts for now. Y/N pressed their lips together, "I felt like I lost something of which I didn't knew I had it. During a ministry emergency, the pair of you run into Theseus. Donatello: he had planned every little detail of his confession down to perfection, but he forgot to plan the kissing part. An unknown smell entered your nose when you walked in. recently, when michael touches me, platonically, my heart starts beating just a little bit faster and my face heats up. Although you didn't know all the facts they never told you the truth about SHIELD or thee veneers just that they were your enemies. You were just chilling in his apartment with her, since you missed him a lot, when the door beeped, Seokjin and the boys walking in to see your new pet. Trying to find a food for every letter of the alphabet? These five foods that begin with the letter "X" will finish your list. I accidentally left it at home…". She begins to talk animatedly about all the things you'll get to do, both with the baby and now that you're not pregnant. Feel free to tag me in SFW X Reader Promo Posts or ask me for a promo! You can chat with me on my personal blog, @introverted-fanfic-writer. Meanwhile, the young girl fights off her newfangled urge to throw up after discovering her fear of heights in Diane's grip. The two of you were so in love with each other, but had such different minds. "And you need to get some sleep, too. Ghostbur sits on your desk you put a towel over your body and you place your head on his lap. Stream Gone Wrong (Tubbo X Reader) - This is a one shot from my benchtrio oneshot book on wattpad. It’s not like you had to worry about dying, that was your curse. Tags: mention of a fight, grumpy venom, venom gives relationship advice, making up, kissing, cuddling- basically just lots of fluff and venom being chaotic. •the boy next door, the sweet bad boy, the high school heartthrob, the caring boyfriend, Billy Loomis. There were people who built fantastic tombs for the ones they loved, tombs now remarked as some of the. Y/n turned to her husband and looked at him, his eyes remained on the book. "Ya, everything's fine" you assured him. The over-dramatic screams from the victims of the axe-wielding maniac caused you to shamefully giggle into your wrist. My socials: Main, YouTube, Twitter. Ron noticed your tears and quickly dragged you up the stairs, trying his best to make sure his idiot of a brother didn't hear or see you cry. we've known each other since kindergarten, it'd be kind of weird. See a recent post on Tumblr from @vincentstrange about doctor strange x reader. "This late though it's well past 12. Fandoms I’m in mostly: Just got into Murder drones!! Fnf, Dnb, Sonic. I talk about more than 33 different creatures in this review and it still only covers the first 16 episodes/segments of this cartoon. Requested: noo Pairing(s): Richie Tozier x Reader Warnings: swearing, sexual innuendos (richie will be richie), fluff A/N: day 13 of Christmas …. Real (Dean x reader) - While Michael’s possessing Dean, he says things to you that make you think. and when this animatronic, sunrise finds. Meliodas, YN assumes, smacks Ban on the arm to bring him back to the matter at hand, which is chasing off YN's pursuers. When Nemuri barges into the room, he’s a little less sure. " Bucky was frantically talking to his former enemy. Will throw a fit if you don't carry him around. He opened his eyes and looked at you in disbelief. With a sigh, you climbed back up to the top of the broken TIE, seated on your perch again. I loved the third season and kept thinking. You and the cast of Riverdale were at Comic Con for the weekend. And began to look at the menu up on the back wall, behind the cashier. Theseus Scamander x Reader (How Bad?) Summary: Being close friends with Newt, you were surprised to find out he had a brother that he never mentioned to you before. This oneshot contains some angst, along with a female to male transgender reader. Ticci toby x reader soulmate. "I just really want them to like me, cause I really like you. It’s Not That Simple (Bucky x Reader). hi i havent posted in so long life is shit but wtv gn reader + modern au + not proof read + no bitcjes + ratio + im writing this 4 clout. It’s You (Ron Weasley x Reader). You were in a good mood, finally getting the confidence to go shopping. Aizawa pointedly ignores the wink she sends his way. You whisper to yourself thinking about some way to feel better and calm down. fnf dave fnf dave and bambi golden apple fnfdnb fnf dave and bambi fnf fnf dave x reader fnf unhinged dave fnf unhinged dave x reader fnf bambi fnf dnb x reader fnf x reader fnf mod x reader fnf. She begins to talk animatedly about all the things you’ll get to do, both with the baby and now that you’re not pregnant. Anyways I posted the 5th chapter to my Ranboo x reader (apocalypse au) if y. You and him trade spots when sitting in. fushiguro megumi x reader [20:51] - 1339 words. Sep 11, 2021 · — jjk characters when they see their s/o hurt. Instantly, Louis latched his mouth to his mom’s breast and started sucking like hell. While I posted my character x character fan fictions elsewhere (ff dot net and then eventually AO3), I found myself really interested in character x reader fan fictions here on tumblr…. But they have a job as a expert falconer and all raptor behaviorist, they give lesson/show at school/events on birds of prey. Anonymous asked: Could you do yandere Scp 682 x D Class reader ? Bit of a difficult request, due to the nature of he SCP I'll be having part 2 eventually O termo é derivado das palavras yan significa uma doença mental ou emocional, e dere sentido de demonstrar afeto Yandere Bnha X Reader Lemon Forced [Yandere killers x reader ] Forcibly taken. The last thing you saw before you blacked out was the man picking you up. Pairing / Ship: Tony Stark x Male!Avenger reader Featuring: Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Thor, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner Words: 834 Category: Angst Warning: Crying, physical fighting (pushing, face slapping) Summary: Your boyfriend Tony Stark hides the truth from you, and when you find out, saving the world from evil or running a company. A/N: It was a long wait for such a short chapter… yikes. There wasn’t much to do as the rain poured outside and Tommy sat at his desk playing games with his. "He said pressing a kiss onto your lips. You breathed a relieved sigh at the sight of the trio and called out to them, watching them spin to face you in the midst of fighting. I don't know what made me reach up and touch his black hoodie. Tony clearly hadn't been paying attention when Bucky gave his reasoning as to why he couldn't do that only seconds ago. Y o u ’ l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n. 2k Warnings ; Angst, cursing because Bakugou, and fluff (g/n) - girl's name. pre-oasis noel 100% needs more love <3. After a small breather and a crack of your whip, you turned to face Starscream. “Don’t worry about it, I still love you”. Pan-Pan nodded to the cashier, as she put in his order. Yandere Female Samurai x Male reader (lemon). Bakugo yanking on his shoulder broke Kiri out of his thoughts. "Would you get to the point," Steve interrupted, he was getting tired. She/her 18F I love Bnha #bnha smau #hero x reader #villain x reader #class 1a #class 1b #the big three #pro heros #bnha villains #bnha heroes #shie hassaikai #eight Pairing: Yandere!villain!Todoroki x fem!reader BNHA x reader …. Worth It (Tom Holland X Reader). Overhaul X Reader Lemon Summary: This is a porn with plot story from my tumblr blog follow there to make requests and see new x readers for danganronpa …. "Forgotten" — Azriel x Reader. When she leaves him, his dark side comes out. Y/N, out of view: Shotgun! Johanna, turning to face Y/N: Aww!. warning: language, angst, smut, unprotected sex. Visiting him at work (ProHero!Bakugou x Pregnant!Reader) Words; 872. Distractions (Tfa Blitzwing x reader) It had been a long few days, as a human who worked closely with the Autobots you were often dragged into a lot of mess you would rather not worry about. “Here,” he hands one to Hinata. That means I will only do requests involving a character from the show and than a reader. Not only that but you were meant for him and on him and that made it so much more enjoyable. You had been caught when the Avengers infiltrated a Hydra base. It was currently 3 in the morning and you were soundly asleep in your bed until you were awoken by a noise at your window. ) Welcome Martian Manhunter A01. Yandere! Kaigaku x Hashira! Reader. But she was Y/n Y/l/n, she didn’t get hurt on missions. Quackity suddenly yelled, "You asshole!". The owl house x reader tumblr. " "I can't believe you did that!"Wanda yelled at me as I stood over the dead hydra agents body,"What did you want me to do,He was gonna call for back up!"I said while stepping over his body. Welcome•♡ — Yandere Pure vanilla cookie x reader jealous. Pushing him away, you glared at him; you weren’t ready to forgive him. (Michael Langdon X Reader) SO! a couple months ago, @langdonsrapture and i had some… interesting conversations about stepdad duncan and stepbrother michael, and i ended up agreeing that i’d write a stepbro michael fic if she wrote a stepdad duncan fic. " so a little angst at the beginning bc idk how to. Prompts:(8,25) "Let go of me!" "I hate you. Tony clearly hadn’t been paying attention when Bucky gave his reasoning as to why he couldn’t do that only seconds ago. He glances up at your window, suddenly having an idea. genshin x reader - how they react to your nightmares. The glance burning circles into the back of the rabbits head, a illusion like sensation causing him to shake slightly, "Hello, Alan". I just wanted to thank you for accepting to write my fluff request. It wasn’t uncommon to get hurt in her line of work. "Shinobu, my love," you smiled, tears prickling at the corners of your eyes. “No way!” she exclaimed, joy laced within her words once she caught on. It's not a character x character blog. com Anonymous asked: Can I request a fluff scenario for Brock (Pokemon anime) x shy female reader about Brock gets a delicious homemade macarons from his shy female . summary; after the snap you bring steve to a support group. ” You literally confused but don’t question it. What It Takes (Bucky x Reader). You slowed down a bit more and gave another encouraging nod to Bill, who put his drink down and took a deep breath. You adorned your goggles once more, telling yourself just a little more before you retired for the night. A/N: day 19 of Christmas Fic Countdown!!! Originally posted by edsgazebos. I’ll be the only dream you seek. Fundy, the furry, the fox child of The Great Wilbur Soot and the Salmon Sally. Spencer Reid X Reader: Too Late. Having reached him just as his eyes made contact with yours before the rest of his body became titan food. To say I was nervous was an understatement as no one in Riverdale has come out, that is until the other day when I asked out Betty Cooper, the girl I have been crushing on for months, on a date. Summary: You're convinced that your best friend is your soulmate. AM: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? AM: Because I get hot and sweaty when I’m in you. Arcee ran over to you, dodging the blasts from Starscream and Knockout before cutting the chains that were wrapped around your servos and handing you your whip. It wasn't like the hospital room was quiet before you got there, but it sure as hell wasn't after you entered. I Knew It! Peter Parker x Reader Soulmate AU. ” because hey, somewhere between the lines, it was true. "Babe, did you know there's such a thing as an immortal jellyfish?" y/n asks as she sets down the book she was reading. Reader x Mtmte! Whirl Note: this lemon will be part two of the other tf5 optimus lemon. It Hurts : George Weasley x Reader. Warnings: violence, gore, death, kidnapping, beatings, language, mentions of rape. They made you talk to people who asked questions and sometimes they forced you take medication. Discover more posts about kaeya x reader, arataki itto x reader, diluc x reader, albedo x reader, zhongli x reader, dainsleif x reader, and Itto x Reader. “Remember, (Y/N),” Talia said over the screen, you giving her your full attention as the plane touched down on the tarmac. pre-oasis roadie! noel gallagher x fem! reader.